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About Me. 

Being fan of cinema since my childhood, I wanted to work for my passion. That’s why in 2009, after being graduated at the MMI, I began cinema school. This school called ESRA is a French school based in Rennes. During these three years of training I acquired technical and theoretical skills in audiovisual. It was a multidisciplinary school. I learned pre and production, scenario writing, direction, assistant director classes, lighting, camera and basic knowledge in sound.


In 2012, I went to New York to finalize my past three years at ESRA Rennes. Located in the heart of Manhattan, the ESRA New York program was based on direction, production, scenario writing, camera and lightning. This year was perfect to intensify my knowledge and greatly improve my english.


Also passionate about photo, I have experimented for 5 years with photography. With different cameras, from digital to film, I’m strongly inspired by the architecture, the relation between shadow and light. I love playing with perspectives and lines. Film photography is the most interesting process because it gives a superior rendering compare to digital. The developed image then, provided with its grain, provides a significant image.


Audiovisual or photographic creation fascinates me, because it can be a witness of its time but also by the nature of things, touching some form of sustainability.


Who am I working for ?

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